Attenutation Plot

Calculates the penetration depth of an electromagnetic wave into a conductive material. More Info

To calculate attenuation depth, just choose a material from the list and enter a frequency (don't forget to change the units if you need to). Then press to calculate the skin depth in that material at that frequency (in the distance units you've chosen). So if you're looking to make yourself some EMI shielding, take that skin depth, multiply by 4, and that's how thick your shielding should be (more or less) to drop that signal's strength down to zero.

You can do the opposite calculation too - just choose your material and enter your desired skin depth, then press to find out what frequency has that skin depth in that material. So if you've already got your EMI shielding and want to know what's still getting through, put in the shield's thickness divided by 4 to get the highest frequency that's (more or less, again) 100% attenuated by your shield.

Or maybe you don't care about any of that and just want to look up some electromagnetic properties? Just select the material and click the button to get all the details.

Questions? Problems? Got a new material I can add to the database? Drop me a line.

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